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How is my privacy protected?

I maintain a log of client sessions to track my hours as part of my continuing professional development with EMCC. This log is stored in a robustly encrypted folder that only I have access to.

For each client session, I make personal notes in an electronic document which is stored in a encrypted folder that only I have access to. I use these notes to remind me what was covered in each session and to reflect on my practice as a coach.

I maintain an online mailing list that I use only to communicate general information about my services to my current and past clients. This mailing list is shared with no one outside Mediterra.

I engage in periodic coaching supervision sessions where I can share experiences of my practice and ask for input for my own professional development. It is part of the ethics of coaching supervision that no personally identifying information about a client is given and the focus is on the coach’s performance, not on the client.

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