Thank you for these sessions. They have given me a lot more confidence and a voice that says I can rather than I can’t!!

J in UK

Middle age, starting a new business

You give me the opportunity to think aloud about some things, to articulate in a safe space, and to probe – through my generated questions or yours. Sometimes I don’t understand things I am experiencing until I write them or speak them out loud. 

E in USA

Educator, approaching retirement

It’s difficult to have an intense conversation like this, finding people to have this kind with, as I can with you. It helps me understand my thought processes and figure out what’s happening and how I take action. This leads to an assurance. I am more clear. I feel a lot more positive about my decisions. I wouldn’t have discovered the patterns unless I had this discussion about it.

D in India

Young entreprenuer, life-long learner

Mathew seems to genuinely care about my life and problems – and is a pillar of support when things are tough.

J in UK

Young AI technology entrepreneur

[You were] able to relate really well to the challenge I was facing. Helped me to develop a plan to deal with each aspect of this challenge, which enabled me to stay very calm and focused.

R in UK

Middle age professional, endurance athlete

You are supportive, encouraging and quite systematic. You gave great feedback and excellent plans to address issues related to my project. You strike a nice balance between being supportive and pushing me to aim a bit higher.

A in USA

Retired-age athlete

[My son] is extremely happy about your support and my impression is that it has already helped him to some degree to be more reflective and to develop tools that help him. Also, from what he told me it seems that you were extremely fast and on the spot in identifying the main issues that should be worked upon

T in Austria

Youth, competitive athlete and student

I felt like I had been, because of circumstances… rusted up, or fixed, and I was looking for the WD40 [lubricant] to unhinge all of that. I think that is what the coaching discussions do… one feels enabled or empowered to keep moving. Now I am going on to describe you as a can of WD40 – you’re a can of WD40!

D in UK

Middle age, shifting careers

I also appreciated the questions you asked me at the first session when I was scheduling my actions – what do I need to do, by when and who else do I need to talk to to get it done. That was just the nudge I needed to get my actions scheduled and back on track. I also enjoyed our more general conversations about [our shared interests], internal vs. external motivation, etc.

D in USA

Middle age professional, mom

Photo at top by Jason Butterfield on Unsplash