About Mathew Hudson, MSc

Personal Development Consultant


  • Salem, Oregon USA

Formal Education

  • BSc, Sociology, Oregon State University (1995)
  • MSc, Applied Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology, University of East London UK (2022)

Accreditations & Associations


  • Married
  • 4 children, 1 grandchild
  • Adoptive parent


  • Facilities Director at Courthouse Club Fitness
  • Consultant, Coach, Mentor at Mediterra Consulting
  • Previously, Co-founder, COO at SwimMastery
  • Founder, Head Coach at Mediterra Swim
  • Educator, Mentor, and Writer
  • Previously: (Master) Coach Instructor at Total Immersion
  • Previously: Physical education teacher at an International School
  • Previously: Youth and young adult pastor
  • Previously: Small business owner and developer
  • Previously: Custom home designer, builder

Personal Statement

I am pleased to work with all kinds of people who are motivated to seek better understanding, and make positive changes in their lives. I offer you a safe, attentive, and compassionate professional relationship. I believe in the growth tendency embedded in each person and practice a person-centered, empathic way of being to bring that out in you. I am comfortable working with those who are different from myself, with all ages, and in cross-cultural situations.

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I’ve been involved my entire adult life in teaching, coaching, and nurturing people in their mental, physical, and spiritual development. Helping people feel safe, helping them heal, learn, grow, perform better, and thrive is the central theme of my professional life and it is what I intend to spend the rest of my days doing.

I have gone through a complicated foreign adoption, and raised several children, with my first grandchild now here. I have walked with the ill and held hands with the dying in their last moments. I enjoy working with the young and the old. I lived for many years as a guest in a foreign country and learned their language and culture. I have traveled widely. I love building relationships with a diversity of people from cultures and perspectives different than my own. I’ve made several moves in life, made changes in my occupation and I have adapted to new challenging conditions. I have started and managed a few small businesses, managed teams of employees and volunteers, and I have built successful partnerships. I have been a life-long endurance athlete and have coached hundreds of people through personal challenges to reach their chosen goals. I am a life-long, continual learner. I consider myself an open, evolving spiritual person, comfortable with others who are on their own unique journeys, different than mine. These experiences correspond to many of the topics that come up with those I work with.

At this moment in human history with its complex conditions and rapid changes, with the uncertainties we face individually and collectively, it is timely to be positioned with a positive psychology perspective and tools, and with coaching psychology training. Positive psychology is the study of how individuals, groups, and organizations thrive, especially in challenging conditions. Coaching psychology is the study and practice of helping people make desired changes and improve their experience of life. These two disciplines make an ideal combination to support my passion for serving people like you. I am equipped with frameworks and tools for helping you improve your self-understanding and guide you toward thriving in life.