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What kind of people will you work with?

I am glad to work with all kinds of people – different ages, sex, gender-orientation, race, life experience, occupation, culture, and spiritual-orientation. Over my life, I have sought out and have lived among people very different than myself and I appreciate how these experiences have shaped me.

The most important characteristics in the people I would work with are:

  • you are motivated to seek a positive change, grow or improve in some way,
  • you are ready to take responsibility for looking inside, identifying goals and solutions to obstacles
  • you are willing to take action upon your decisions
  • you are respectful of me as a person, as I am of you

It’s OK if you don’t know yet what you need to change, what the goals or solutions are, what actions to take or how. It’s even OK if you are not sure of your motivations yet. Those are all things our coaching interactions can help you discover. The point is that you are willing to enter into this relationship with a coach, give time to establish safety and trust, and then open up in conversation to explore your life for the insights and ideas you need. I with be with you all the way.

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