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What are your fees for services?

Individual, personal development consulting sessions are $80 USD for up to 60-minute sessions and $20 for 15-minute increments beyond that.

Sessions involving two people who seek consulting on interrelated topics – relationship partners, parents, business partners, friends, teammates, co-workers, etc. – are $120 for up to 60-minute sessions and $30 for 15-minute increments beyond that.

If you feel you may have a consistent need for shorter or longer sessions, we can discuss your situation and possibly negotiate a customized fee arrangement.

For sessions involving more than two people – learning groups, work teams, sports teams, or other groups formed around a common topic or need – it would be good to discuss your needs and propose a price per session that fits the complexity of the situation. Please contact me to discuss your group and the scope of services desired.

If you are experiencing a financial challenge and would like to request a discount for a series of coaching sessions, please feel free to request and explain your situation. Typically, I offer a 25% discount for special circumstances. You may also consider asking family or friends to sponsor you for a number of sessions, to help cover or offset costs.



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