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Is coaching for performance different from coaching for well-being?

Improving performance in some area of life is often what people seek out a coach to help them do. But what does ‘performance’ mean? What are its benefits and what are its costs? Will that increased performance bring benefit in one way yet cause harm in another?

Perhaps you want to improve your grade in a class or improve your income. You may want to improve your fitness or achieve an athletic triumph. You may want to improve productivity at work or satisfy an expectation your role places on you. You may simply want to feel more successful in your life in general.

All of these are forms of improved performance. They may or may not line up with your identity or deepest personal values. They may or may not tap deeply into your intrinsic motivation. They may or may not enhance your psychological or physical well-being or take into consideration the well-being of those connected to you who would be affected by your performance. There is performance that contributes to your well-being and there is performance that could ignore or even be detrimental to your well-being.

The kind of positive psychology coaching I provide places performance within well-being – it is about helping you achieve optimal functioning that is sustainable over the long haul of life. In other words, I am glad to coach you in performance goals that are linked to your well-being and to the well-being of those you are connected to. We would seek to develop goals that would bring benefit in one way and yet cause no harm in another way.

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