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How many sessions will I need?

The length and number of sessions we have depends on what your need for professional attention is.

For some needs, a single session might be enough to help you find the insight or ideas you have been looking for.

For other needs, a discrete series of sessions, 3 or 4, spaced by a week or more, might fit better.

Other needs might be more complex and the pathway ahead would need more time to figure out, if there is a lot more details to consider, or a lot more changes (inside yourself or in your environment) to make, more sessions may be appropriate.

You may or may not have an idea of what you need until we start, so it is OK to leave the duration of our relationship open-ended.

One of the objectives, using my array of modes, is to help you get to where you want to be – and that might be taken care of in one session or in a series. When you’ve got what you sought with the assistance of your helping professional your need for that help is at an end.

Another objective is to be available to provide ongoing support as you face challenges that come up as a regular part of your life. Consider how nearly all professional, elite athletes and many top executives – people at the top of their field or game – all still work with a coach much of their career.

After a series of sessions, once we have established a good relationship and we knows your needs and topics, a periodic checkup with me might be helpful, or keep me ‘on-call’ so that you can access my attention when a need arises. Another advantage of having a professional who knows you well is that you may be able to get what you need out of a single session a lot more efficiently.

While I intend to help you meet your needs as efficiently as possible, I also recognize that having a safe space for opening up and thinking through things with a skilled, trusted coach can be something you may regularly appreciate. We may form a temporary or a long-term relationship, as you like.

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