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How does positive psychology influence your coaching?

In a nutshell, positive psychology is the scientific study of human wellbeing, or what makes humans thrive and how to facilitate wellbeing and thriving – from individuals and groups of people to whole organizations.

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Applied positive psychology – the field I have received my masters degree in – refers to the study and use of concepts, methods and tools for increasing wellbeing and thriving that have been rigorously developed and tested.

My coaching practice is guided and bounded by the value of your well-being.

I am devoted to helping you improve your thinking, your feelings, your behavior, and your environment in ways that contribute to your well-being (e.g. your ‘flourishing’, your ‘thriving’).

So, when we consider your topic and the goals you form out of it, will these be connected to and contribute to your well-being and the well-being of those you are connected to? Through the positive psychology lens we would call these meaningful goals.

My training in positive psychology and continuing education gives me exposure to the latest understanding from science and practice in how people increase well-being and the tools to support that growth. So, in addition to providing a framework for a discussion around your meaningful personal goals, I can also see opportunities, ask questions and suggest activities that can improve the likelihood that you will have pleasing outcomes from your efforts.

Positive psychology coaching urges me to pay attention to the quality of our relationship as well and do certain things to make you feel welcome, accepted, and valued. The research literature shows that the positive connection and atmosphere we create have an enormous influence on positive outcomes.

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