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How can I arrange a refund?

If you have made a pre-payment for a scheduled session that has not taken place, and you cancel or request a refund more than 24 hours in advance of that session, then I will issue you a refund.

If you request a refund or cancel within 24 hours before a scheduled session then I reserve the right to not issue a refund.

If we have started or completed a consulting session and you would like a refund for it then that may mean something has happened in our relationship. I would first hope that we could discuss the problem and see if we can resolve it together. In the pursuit of meaningful change, rupture and repair of the professional relationship can actually be a useful part of the learning process for both of us. Since I have already spent time and attention on you and a satisfying outcome is what we have been seeking together, I would hope we could take some time to see what we can learn from it and possibly redeem the situation.

It is possible I could fail to connect and facilitate a conversation in a way that meets your needs. I would appreciate that feedback and an opportunity to make an improvement, or mutually agree to withdraw from this coaching relationship under peaceful terms.


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